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COP 360 ° is a revolutionary review that measures the core areas required to achieve true workflow optimization. It is a multi-source, co-authored approach that delivers a comprehensive snapshot, providing clear visibility into a Company’s core business areas. Integrated reporting tools deliver concrete, actionable guidelines for complete alignment between your technology and business process initiatives.

Most companies recognize the importance of cost-effective and efficient document management – industry analysts report that as much as 3% of annual revenues are spent on document production. However, the expertise and time it takes to achieve those objectives can be difficult to manage.

Our managed print services use a data-driven approach to gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire document management infrastructure, allowing us to create a detailed plan for greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

Our managed print services allow companies to outsource the analysis, implementation and ongoing management of their document output infrastructure to a highly-trained, certified and experienced team. Our competency is providing flexible solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Our unique program, COP 360 °, is a FREE Assessment of your current document management strategy that helps you better understand your current technology and workflow processes, usage patterns and all related costs.

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